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Tyler, TX Commercial Litigation Lawyers

More than 25 years of trial experience on your side

Ireland, Carroll & Kelley, P.C. provides powerful representation and legal advice to clients throughout Texas in a wide variety of complex business and commercial litigation cases. We offer clients more than 25 years of experience litigating cases before all Texas state and appellate courts, the Texas Supreme Court, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our East Texas commercial trial attorneys focus their practice in the following areas of law:

Providing litigation support to firms throughout the nation

Our firm’s reputation for excellence has spread far beyond East Texas. A great deal of our commercial and patent litigation cases come to us as referrals from firms across the United States. Referring attorneys look to a law firm that offers broad litigation experience, demonstrates an ability to assess the unique characteristics of a particular case and fashions a tailored approach to achieve successful resolution to the matter.

The bottom line is that attorneys want a firm that can achieve positive results. This has been our firm’s main goal since its inception, and our skilled business litigators have the experience and ability to provide clients and fellow law firms with the highest quality representation in state and federal court. For more information about our intellectual property and business litigation practice, visit our Complex Commercial Litigation page or contact us today at 903.561.1600.

Advantages of our services

Out-of-town firms are often not familiar with the local citizenry, judiciary and court procedures in East Texas. In addition, flying back and forth between their home state and Texas can become prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. We use our familiarity and knowledge of the area to provide top-quality services as local counsel for these firms. Our attorneys attend status conferences and hearings, conduct depositions and handle discovery disputes on behalf of these firms.

We also excel in two particular areas of pre-trial preparation that many firms take for granted when litigating cases in Texas — jury selection and jury questionnaires. Many judges in East Texas allow lawyers to conduct voir dire as well as the ability to send questionnaires along with summons for jury duty. Local attorneys are much more in touch with the local population, and are often familiar with certain biases within the community that can affect the outcome of a case. Attorney Otis Carroll has extensive experience performing these tasks for national firms. These questionnaires are critical to filtering out unwanted potential jurors. When conducting jury selection, he often relies on two or three fellow lawyers to circulate the list of jurors and take notes on their reactions to his questions.

A preeminent East Texas trial attorney, Mr. Carroll also offers his litigation skills to firms in the courtroom. If you decide to use his services at trial, he takes part in witness preparation and can conduct mock trials with a sample jury pool in order to gauge future success at trial. With more than 35 years of litigation experience at the highest levels of Texas state and appellate court, Mr. Carroll has the knowledge and ability to serve as lead counsel when necessary. You can rest assured that he will work tirelessly to help your client secure the best possible results.

Proudly serving East Texas for more than 25 years

For more information on how Ireland, Carroll & Kelley, P.C. can put our trial experience to work for you, call us today at 903.561.1600 or contact the firm online to schedule an initial consultation. From offices conveniently located in Tyler, we represent clients throughout East Texas, including those residing in Texarkana, Lufkin and all surrounding areas.